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Positive Affirmations

Positive Affirmations for Authors Often, as authors, actually, this goes for every single human being on the planet! Everyday, we have our own inner thoughts,

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A Word Can Move You

A simple word can move you. It doesn’t matter when you choose your focus word, it only matters that you do. Choosing your own focus word can empower and motivate you and even take you places and bring opportunities you didn’t expect.

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Judith Richardson Schroeder, Founder, CEO and Coach, Guidance From Within Coaching

A Word Can Move You

“No matter what people tell you, words and ideas can change the world.”  ~Robin Williams~

Have you ever considered choosing a word that motivates you? One with the power to define the direction and focus you’ll take in your life? A word that can change how you think about and approach goals, achievements, and success?

Choosing a focus word is a fun opportunity to explore goals that really excite you and help motivate you, especially if you’re feeling stuck.

It doesn’t matter when you choose your focus word, it only matters that you do.


My focus word for this year has been ‘yes’. Three simple letters which have already impacted my life in wonderful ways the last six months. I’ve often thought I’d write a book about how to achieve goals and implement positive habits, but I allowed myself to remain stuck along with my book idea.

Late last year I decided on my focus word and was surprised when movement began happening almost immediately. I was eagerly saying ‘yes’ to opportunities that spoke to me, excited me. Suddenly I was also writing my book!

I’ve said ‘yes’ to co-authoring, training, and teaching opportunities. I’ve also developed a companion course to my book. I am finally experiencing movement. Progress.  Achievements. Success!

Choosing your own focus word can empower and motivate you and even take you places and bring  opportunities you didn’t expect.

What will your focus word be this year?

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Learning from Successful Authors

What better place to start than from those who have paved the path successfully as authors. We have identified a few quotes from authors that share five (5) healthy habits of successful authors that you can incorporate in your authoring journey today. Just Write

Sometimes, the best place to start is to just allow the words to appear on paper. Even on days where you feel there is nothing to write or type, it’s the perfect opportunity to grab your journal, step out in nature and just write. 

“A writer who waits for ideal conditions under which to work will die without putting a word on paper.” 

~ E.B. White 

“You can’t edit a blank page.” 

~ Jodi Picoult 

“Enjoy writing badly.” 

~ Karen Russell 


As you can see from our author’s words, the focus is on writing something, rather than writing nothing, even if the writing is not your usual standards, just write, because if you wait for the best conditions or even the perfect words, you will never complete your book. 

So, on those days where you feel that you have nothing to write, or you are staring at a blank page, remember the best place to start is exactly where you are and just write something, anything! 

Create Routines

Creating healthy writing routines will support you in meeting your writing goals, whether you are working on a book, for a magazine, blog, or any other publication, these quotes from authors highlights some healthy routines that will support you in your authoring journey. 

 “I write every morning.” 

~ Ernest Hemingway 

 “I do pushups and sit ups all the time.” 

~ Kurt Vonnegut 


“Turn off your cell phone.” 

~ Nathan Englander 

 “Force yourself to generate dozens of ideas.” 

~ A.J. Jacobs  

Establishing daily practices and routines have been proven to support the most successful authors around. How about introducing some simple daily routines to support your creativity, including creating the ideal space for writing, switching off all technology when writing, write at the same time daily, spend some time outside in nature and get moving – do some exercise or dance to get your adrenaline flowing.  

Be Determined

Sometimes sheer determination is what it will take to write your book. Setting your intention and being determined to achieve what you intended will be your reality. Doing what you know needs to be done, following through on your intention and keeping yourself in check always will support your success as an author. Also knowing that you may be writing for a very long time before you achieve the brilliance you are aiming for. 

You have to write whether you feel like it or not. 

Khaled Hosseini 

I have to write hundreds of pages before I get to page one. 

Barbara Kingsolver 

The repetition itself becomes the important thing. 

Haruki Muakami

Author’s Mindset

Having the right mindset for being an author is imperative to your success. Knowing in your heart of hearts that the book that you are working on is a #1 Best-Selling book and that your readers are waiting to read your book with great anticipation and that it will have a huge impact on the reader.  

As one of our favorite authors and poets, Dr Maya Angelou says below, it takes hard work, so be prepared by having the right mindset. 

Maya Angelou: “Easy reading is damn hard writing. 

All of these authors have shared their wisdom in these quotes, it’s now down to you to choose what your next steps will be and what lessons you will implement in your authoring journey moving forward. 

Happy Authoring! 

I can do it

Can one be afraid to write? If so, how can this be overcome?

It isn’t as much the fear of writing one might have, as it is the fear of having their writing judged or criticized. When writers/authors share their work with others, there is a sense of trepidation that takes place.  

 We ask ourselves all kinds of questions, and our monkey mind chatters away, “What if no one likes what I’ve written?” or “What if no one wants to read my book?”  

I’ve recently sent a book to a printer, and despite knowing the book will be of interest to many, I’ve questioned whether editing was done well enough, or whether the writing could have been more expressive or tighter. My monkey mind on the go. 


My tips for overcoming the fear of writing, which is often a fear of being seen and heard, include: 

  • Trusting yourself for why you write in the first place.  
  • Write not for many eyes but your ideal reader’s eyes. Determine who that reader is and then write for them. Your writing/book will resonate with the right people. 
  • Although it can be difficult at first, gathering a few Beta Readers to read your work before being published can go a long way in bolstering your confidence. They can also help a great deal in really fleshing out your writing and catching areas that are weak or require further expanding on the ideas or explanations. 
  • When your mind chatters loudest, it’s usually signaling that you’ve hit mid-way in your writing—that area where your idea has been expressed. You are now on the long stretch of ensuring your story is continuing to hold your reader and move them forward to the end of the book. It’s often a challenge for even the most experienced writers to overcome that monkey chatter that might be going on and building in volume. Continue remembering your WHY and trust you are on the right path to delivering your readers that vision and idea that started you on this journey to begin with. 

Writing a book is not as easy a task as sitting in a chair and pounding the keyboard for a few hours a day. There is s level of tenacity, commitment, and conviction necessary to stay the course and complete what you have envisioned as the next Best Seller! Even if your book doesn’t hit Best Seller status, the fact that you have chosen to write it and send it out to the world gives it just as much opportunity to become one as any other book. The vision for your book’s idea is the fuel that will keep you moving forward to the very last words – The End!