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We have gathered some of the beautiful feedback received, each one is a blessing from the writer’s heart to ours. These have been from one-off connections, and clients whose books we have had the privilege of publishing through Carnelian Moon Publishing.

Find out what they say below.

Brian Keith South
Brian Keith South
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Stellar service, high quality, professional delivery with high integrity. Carnelian Moon is simply the BEST!
Aisha Borel
Aisha Borel
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Very thankful for the much needed love, support, and services these two ladies are providing women.
Teresa Powell
Teresa Powell
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I admire these two women for the journey they have been on to get where they are today.
"Words alone could never---ever---express my appreciation and gratitude for everyone at Carnelian Moon. EVERYONE at Carnelian Moon is kind, generous, supportive and down-to-earth, who deliver stellar publishing service that is out of this world!

Like a genuine carnelian, these brilliant, professional, artistic masterminds shine with warmth, inspiring aspiring authors to lead, exceed, and take a bold leap of faith in bringing their wrought-iron ideals into forged literary masterpieces!
Debbie Belnavis Brimble has kindly and brilliantly paved the path to bring my book, Demystifying College Admission, to completion. She outlined the steps for me to complete my manuscript, showed me how to package my book, then guided me step-by-step to the finish line.
Simon Brimble weaved his design, editing and magical master mind to each chapter with finesse. He aligned the text to add the visual appeal that cannot be conveyed with just words.
Judith Richardson Schroeder is an outstanding editor who has expertly, tirelessly and painstakingly revised my manuscript, from cover to cover, chapter by chapter like no other. Despite family obligations and the Covid-19 debacles, she dedicated time to polish my manuscript until it shined with lucid prose.
Jennifer Insignares over delivered by designing a beautiful book cover that far exceeded my expectations. I am over the moon with everyone at Carnelian Moon! Thank you from the top and bottom of my heart!"
Brian Keith South
Author, Mentors4U
"Carnelian Moon Publishing made my first writing experience extremely easy breezy!! As someone who becomes overwhelmed and confused by large projects outside of my scope, I did very well at staying on top of all my coauthor to do’s thanks to how well organized the process was. I would highly recommend Carnelian Moon for all publishing needs!"
Michelle Montero
Entrepreneur & Author
"The Ladies at Carnelian Moon were phenomenal in providing guidance and support throughout the entire process. Debbie and Judy made my first writing experience very pleasant. They truly eased my fear."
Nikita McKenzie
Founder of IAmShe, Speaker, Author
"Working with Judy and Debbie made my first authoring experience a painless one. They were there to offer advice and guidance and always had an abundance of encouragement.."
Cindy Windsor
"I am so grateful to Carnelian Moon Publishing for guiding me through my writing endeavours. The founders Judy Richardson Schroeder and Debbie Belnavis-Brimble live their business concept of treating everyone so special. Debbie was and is so helpful in creating my Facebook page and supporting me with my account. Her knowledge, talent and diligence keep me updated and confident. Judy is my website guru. She creatively recreated my entire website adding her amazing ideas. Always accessible and supportive with any additions, questions or problems. Her coaching and hardwork are truly invaluable. I appreciate you both with all my heart."
Cathy Gagliardi
Author, Twinkling Lynx
"Because you are 100% committed to your authors, their journey and their writing experience. I continually refer Carnelian Moon to them as soon as they mention they want to write a book."
Janet Wiszowaty
Speaker, Author, Now What Coach and Certified Success Principles Coach
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