A word can move you

“No matter what people tell you, words and ideas can change the world.” 

~Robin Williams

Have you ever considered choosing a word that motivates you? One with the power to define the direction and focus you’ll take in your life? A word that can change how you think about and approach goals, achievements, and success?

Choosing a focus word is a fun opportunity to explore goals that really excite you and help motivate you, especially if you’re feeling stuck.

It doesn’t matter when you choose your focus word, it only matters that you do.

My focus word for this year has been ‘yes’. Three simple letters which have already impacted my life in wonderful ways the last six months. I’ve often thought I’d write a book about how to achieve goals and implement positive habits, but I allowed myself to remain stuck along with my book idea.

letter carving business

Late last year I decided on my focus word and was surprised when movement began happening almost immediately. I was eagerly saying ‘yes’ to opportunities that spoke to me, excited me. Suddenly I was also writing my book!

I’ve said ‘yes’ to co-authoring, training, and teaching opportunities. I’ve also developed a companion course to my book. I am finally experiencing movement. Progress.  Achievements. Success!

Choosing your own focus word can empower and motivate you and even take you places and bring  opportunities you didn’t expect.

What will your focus word be this year?