Our Services
Our Services

It has been our honor and privilege to have partnered with over 150 authors over the past few years since Carnelian Moon Publishing Services launched in 2019. As we have all seen the world change significantly since 2020, so have the needs of today’s authors. As a result, we are always tuning into our authors’ needs and shifting to ensure that we offer services that support new and experienced authors alike.

We offer a vast array of professional services to support all your authoring needs. 

Take your time and explore your possibilities with us.

tailored services
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Feel comfortable with your choices as you take full control and decide how much or how little support you would like from us. We offer tailored services for authors through our Mentoring and Coaching, Professional services (editing, interior and exterior book design, marketing, project management and so much more).

See our extensive services below.

online experiences
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You may want to take things at your own pace, and that’s perfectly okay with us. We have a number of online experienced designed to do just that. We guide you along your journey as you navigate the best course of timelines and path for you.


Being an author is so much more than just publishing a book. Imagine learning and exploring new enhanced strategies, processes and techniques to support your successful authoring brand.

Mastermind with a group of like-minded leaders who are ready to take their work to the next level of success. 

Find out more below in our Group Mastermind section.

Tailored Services
With You in Mind

We have enjoyed witnessing the success of clients over the past few years since Carnelian Moon Publishing Services launched in 2019. The world has changed significantly and so have the needs of the publishing industry. As a result, we are always shifting to ensure that we offer services that supports new and experienced authors alike.

We offer a vast array of professional services to support all your authoring needs. 

Take your time and explore the possibilities below.

Book Mentoring & coaching

Our experienced Book Coaches and Mentors, who have also published authors themselves, are here to support you in bringing out the best in your book. They are the guides in your transformational authoring journey, from idea, to outline, to writing, to editing, to design, and publishing. Our Mentors and Coaches are one of a kind, drawing on various modalities including Neuro-Linguistics Programming (NLP), Hypnotherapy, Timeline Therapy, and more. Holding your hand every step of the way.

Starting at $275

Editing & Proofreading

We have a team of professional Editors and Proofreaders waiting to support you as much or as little as you need, from Developmental Editors, enhancing your work to proofreaders, spotting all those grammatical errors, adding even more brilliant shine to your manuscript. We've even teamed up with some of the best in the business, including one of Canada's Top Editors.
Your book deserves excellence and we are pleased to have access to excellent, dedicated and thorough Editors who care about your book as much as you do.

Starting at $150

Layout & Formatting

With so much to consider when creating your book, the last thing most think about is how your book will look on the inside. We have the best of the very best designers in our team to support a professional looking book on the inside and out.
Our layout experts format your book, magazine, or card deck, to perfection. They have the expertise to make your book have the professional finish as soon as it is opened. Our team of creative geniuses have the experience of completing a variety of books from different genres, including children's, books, educational text, self help, metaphysical and so much more.

Starting at $250

Book Cover Design

Before anyone reads your book description or even the contents of your book, they see your cover. We know the value that a great cover brings to the sales of your book. Ultimately, you want your book to be in the hands of even more and the one critical criteria is to have an eye-catching, head turning, book cover. The success of your book begins with the cover.

Our Design Team has a brilliance like none other when it comes to book cover design. Our designers have a keen ear for listening to your spoken and unspoken desires and waving their magic wand to create an enhanced version of the book cover you envisaged. Allow our team to create a cover that makes you weak at the knees.

Starting at $250

Book Marketing

You've probably published your book and wondering what your next steps are, or you are getting ready to self-publish and wondering how to go about selling more copies of your book. We have so many authors asking how they can get started with their publishing.

We provide social media creation and support, website creation and support, training, interview support and speaker training to support you once your book is published to help get ready to supercharge your promotion.

We also provide support and set up of Amazon Ads, and ads to our distribution network (for our titles ONLY).

Starting at $250

Revamp Your Book

We meet so many authors daily who have a book already published, yet they have fallen out of love with the book, and that is if they even loved it in the first place.

Imagine spending months or even years writing your book (20 years is the longest period we've heard so far)? Only for you to have your manuscript edited and it no longer has your voice. Or, you have the interior formatted, and it looks nothing like you imagined. Or you have the cover designed and it couldn't be further from your original vision.

Members of our team have experienced this themselves, so we speak from experience. We don't want anyone to go through what we experienced ourselves, so we created an experience to meet with you and help you fall in love with your book again.

Starting at $297

Project Management & Consultancy

We have a fully trained and experienced team available to support you with your book project, whether you are just looking for the support for someone else to manage the process and take the weight off you, allowing you to focus on your writing. We offer full or partial project management and Consultancy Services that support any authoring journey.

Our services are tailored to the needs of our authors. If you want us to be there from the start to support you throughout the process from creating your author platforms, or even setting up your distribution network of over 40K agents worldwide, we are ready to support you.

Starting at $1500

Website Review

*** Coming Soon ***

Speaker Mentoring

At Carnelian Moon Publishing, we've enjoyed the opportunity to speak on International platforms, streaming simultaneously to audiences around the world. We've also spoken in front of live audiences being recorded for future viewings. We've interviewed and been interviewees on Podcasts, Webinars, and part of Business-based Guest speaker opportunities, and the one thing that always stands out for us, is the level of authenticity we share.
Our brand of presenting is genuine, warm, energizing, and sincere, and our audiences enjoy connecting with us.
Which has led us to begin offering Speaking and Podcast Interview Mentoring opportunities for authors who have not had the chance to experience an interview or speaking opportunity but who wants to say YES to such.

Want to become a sought after Speaker or step into Interviews with confidence and authenticity? Speak to us about our Speaker's Mentoring Program. Connect with us through our Calendar.

Group Mastermind

We see the authoring journey as more than birthing your book into the world and getting sales. We see the authoring journey as a wholistic approach, where you have an opportunity to grow your brand as an author and even create a business at the same time.

Group of businesspeople brainstorming

If you are looking for a different kind of experience where you can take things a little slower and be part of a group, then this is the perfect opportunity for you. Learn, grow and share together as you are supported in creating your successful authoring brand.

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