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As a Hybrid Publishing Agency, Carnelian Moon Publishing prides itself on delivering an upscale experience to authors.  Whether you are a first time or seasoned author, we strive to deliver all authors who choose to work with us, the opportunity to experience your publishing journey with as much ease, bliss, and success as possible!

Done By You

Are you the independent author? Willing to roll up your sleeves and do what it takes, but welcome access to resources, training, and support?

Done With You

Perhaps you are the author who loves to work independently to a degree, but enjoys having a team of experts in the wings supporting you when you prefer.

Done For you

Maybe you are the type of author who loves to hunker down, write and write until your book is finished, and then hand your manuscript off to experts who then deliver your book, polished and complete!

Professional Editors

If all you require is Editorial services, we can help! We've teamed up with some of the best Professionals in the business, including one of Canada's Top Editors.
Your book deserves excellence and we are pleased to have access to excellent, dedicated and thorough Editors who care about your book as much as you do!

first class designers

Perhaps you have an incredible cover design in mind but need a professional to bring it to reality. We have the perfect solution! We've teamed up with an incredibly talented Graphics Designer whose expertise in the book cover/magazine design and development are sensational! Pardon the pun, but we really do have you covered!

top knotch client experience

Have you experienced a less than enjoyable publishing journey in the past? We've been there, and one of our unique specialities is restoring author's faith in the publishing journey! Being an author is hard work! But, it doesn't have to lack enjoyment, bliss, or fun! We deliver a client experience that restores your excitement, spark, and drive for why you decided to be an author!

Has your past publishing experience

Dampened your spirits and stepped on your beautiful vision for your book?

Too often we hear authors say, “I paid to have my book published only to be disappointed!”  Or, “I spent my life’s savings to bring my vision to life, but my publisher didn’t deliver!”  And, even, “They were a big, well-known publisher yet my images were thumb-nail size instead of the beautiful, vibrant, inviting images the book and my readers deserved.  I’m so disappointed,  but I can’t afford to redo my book because I put everything I had into this book!” 

Have you heard similar stories? Perhaps you have a story of your own!  A publishing experience that didn’t deliver as promised. A book that didn’t live up to the publisher’s promise or investment cost.  Possibly, you have a book that you don’t promote because it wasn’t YOUR vision for your cover, and the spark and excitement you had for your book has dimmed and burnt out!

 We have reignited the spark and excitement for authors who have experienced just these kinds of publishing nightmares!  We’ve restored their faith when they thought they might never see their book come to light.  We’ve helped to restore their belief in their vision and in the reason they began their journey to begin with. 

Now, we are on a mission to help other authors with similar disappointing stories, because no one deserves to watch their spark of genius, passion and vision die out before it has had a chance to really be a change agent to the world! 

Explore your options with Carnelian Moon Publishing.  We have a reputation for bringing the spark back, reigniting the passion, and delivering authors the level of confidence we believe they deserve to enjoy as they birth their book!  

You've done the hard work

Now, it’s time for you to rest and relax!  Take some time for yourself and simply sit back, put up your feet, stream some relaxation music while you sip on a hot or cold beverage, (your choice), while your publisher, editor, cover designer, and marketing team handle all the details they outlined!

It’s wonderful to have the opportunity to hand over your book to professionals whose job it is to manage the details and help you take your book to the Launch phase!  This is definitely an exciting time for every author!

At Carnelian Moon Publishing, we take every step of your journey to heart, and it’s our job to ensure that you receive our very best from first contact through to our final official task as your publisher.

If you are ready to step on the path to authorship, or if you are already an author but have experienced a less than fulfilling experience in the past, we are here to assist you!  

We even have solutions for authors who are excited to self-publish their work, and yes, we can assist you in not only getting wonderfully organized by mapping out a Timeline that works beautifully for you, but also lending you the expertise you may require to bring your book to market!    

We cannot wait to connect with you and discovery how we can serve you best!

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