“Start writing, no matter what. The water does not flow until the faucet is turned on.”

~ Louis L’Amour

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Our Services

At Carnelian Moon Publishing one of our corner stones is delivering VIPxperiences to our clients.  We purposefully seek out the best talents and expertise to help us fulfill this goal.  The results? A level of service offerings  not normally found in a Hybrid or Traditional Publishing Agency!

It is our explicit vision to bring to you, our discerning clients, services and service that demonstrates our commitment to your authoring journey.  Through our services and offerings, we have every confidence that your rising path as a confident, successful and sought out author is not just possible — it’s destined. And, Carnelian Moon Publishing’s Team has the experts, talents, experience and track record to help you take this journey with ease!  

Our Done For You


clear quartz

Our Quartz service is for VIP authors in need of services found in our Level One Tier offering. Ideally suited for the new author or the established author whose book is 20,000 words or less. 


Our Carnelian service is our VIP author Exclusive Tier  for authors who are ready to take their work to the next level. It is also perfect for authors whose book is 40,000+ words. They may already have had some success but are ready to explore new directions,  markets, solutions & horizons.


Our Citrine service is for  VIP authors in need of services found in our Level Two Tier offerings. Ideally suited for authors whose book is 40,000 words or less but more than 20,000 words, and for authors interested in additional content opportunities and market exposure to a mobile audience.

Our Packaged Tiers

for the discerning author

Quartz Tier

For the first time author or the author who requires a rapid solution package. **Authoring Consultation **Editing (development) **ISBN Registration Support **Book creation (eBook, Soft Cover, Hard Cover) **Book Design **Author Profile in Carnelian Moon Publishing App **Marketing Strategy - Best Selling Book Campaign **Membership Site training: ~ Welcome video ~ Basic writing coaching ~ Meditations ~ Visualization ~ Community of supportive authors ~ Author receives 10 copies of either hard or soft covers ~ After care – 3 months (marketing and next steps) ~ Saving on future publishing packages - 5%

Citrine Tier

For the author who is looking to take her work to the next level, focusing on additional, more focused marketing, including social media advertising, etc. All Services within the Quartz Package, plus: ** Specific Marketing Strategy based on target market, including targeted social media marketing ** Carnelian Moon Publishing App – 2 new pieces of content per month (max of 10 pieces available at any one time) ** Author receives 20 copies of either hard or soft covers ** Membership Site training: ~ Advanced NLP/Hypnotherapy training/meditation ~ Group Coaching/accountability call (2 times per month)After care – 6 months (marketing and next steps) ~ Saving on future publishing packages – 10%

Carnelian Tier

For the author who is ready to take their authoring career into new realms by sharing additional content through speaking opportunities, personalized Apps, Trackabooks and more inclusions to their portfolio. All Services within the Quartz and Citrine Packages are included, plus: ** One-on-one Coaching (2 sessions to hone idea, story, message, strategy, etc) ** Personalized App & Tracka Book ** Specific Marketing Strategy based on target market, including targeted social media marketing ** Membership Site training: ~ Speaker training to enhance speaking opportunities and success ~ Advanced Marketing Strategy And more ~ After care – 9 months (marketing and next steps) ~ Saving on future publishing packages - 15% i

Bolt-On Services
For the Author who knows exactly what they need

As well as for those authors who like to pick and choose their services.  Our Bolt-On services are designed for authors who have already experienced the publishing journey via traditional/hybrid or self-publishing channels and are now ready to customize their publishing experience through the selection of services Carnelian Moon offers within our packages as well as from our selection of Bolt-On additional services.   This selection of services might also be of interest to authors who wish to have some of the Self-publishing experience by choosing those areas they want to do themselves and having us deliver those services they prefer not to do on their own. Our key to your creating your most flexible authoring experience!

  • Social Media Analysis and Consult – best social media platforms 
  • Author Social Media Set Up 
  • Facebook 
  • Instagram 
  • Twitter 
  • Pinterest 
  • Content Creation (50-75 words per post) 
  1. Introduce the Author post 
  2. Introduce a book post 
  3. Authors why post 
  4. How to purchase book post 1 
  5. How to purchase book post 2 
  • Create 5 Social Media Assets (images to use on social media) to promote author and book: 
  • Banner for each Social Media platform mentioned above 
  • Content Calendar for 1 month providing guidance for future posts 
  • Basic Social Media Training for post engagement and creating images using Canva 
  • 2 additional hours support (phone or email) 


Timescale : 1 month 

Option 1 – 1-page site without e-commerce 

  • Sections: 
  • About the Author 
  • Book Titles with graphics linked to external source where book will be purchased 
  • Reviews 
  • Author’s why – why the book was written? 
  • Other Links – go fund me, etc 
  • Speaker/Community involvement 
  • Author has access to change website content themselves 


Timescale : 1 month 




Option 2 – 1-page site with e-commerce 

  • Sections: 
  • About the Author 
  • Book Titles with graphics linked to internal (on site) purchase options 
  • Reviews 
  • Author’s why – why the book was written? 
  • Other Links – go fund me, etc 
  • Speaker/Community involvement 
  • Author has access to change website content themselves 


Author will need to provide: 

  • Domain name 
  • Copy for website 
  • Images 
  • Web hosting 
  • E-commerce 


Timescale : 1 month 

Carnelian Moon Publishing is uniquely positioned to provide authors, speakers, entrepreneurs, Coaches, Healers and others with a refreshingly marketable and viral-oriented publishing opportunity in small 5"x5"  sized books called Trackabooks. 

Designed to be sharable and "passed along" to others, these booklets are perfect for authors who either don't have the opportunity to write a full-length book but still wish to get their message out to the world. Or, they want to deliver their content in easy to share "bite-sized" chunks.

Excellent for "bite-sized for the busy person" messages, poetry enhanced by images, short stories, brief autobiographies and much more.

Carnelian Moon is your go-to for these unique, pass-along booklets that will not only get your message out there but will also help you create a unique, memorable  and concise impression with your audiences.  These unique booklets  also make great "gifts" and give-aways!

We are trained to assist women who are interested in supporting their messages through speaking as well as writing. 

It is our privilege to offer women the opportunity to become confident, powerful speakers while gaining a level of comfort, expertise and polish to enjoy speaking in front of audiences, on stage and in front of camera anytime and anywhere.

We are pleased to be partners with App Brothers Design from California.  For authors and others interested in expanding their reach to the mobile world, our partnership gives you the opportunity to connect and work with our app development partners to build your very own Mobile App and Community connection opportunity! 

An excellent way to set yourself apart from others in your particular industry or niche market.  The app market is perfect for allowing you to grow and reach your ideal clients and readership while also being able to stay in-touch and engaged!

Sponsorships are an area that is not often considered when authors begin their journey, but it definitely is an aspect that is worth exploration.

Sponsorships can make the difference to your business and assist you in gaining exposure, funding and Corporate/Media support for your endeavors.

We are pleased to offer this support to our clients who are interested in looking into the possibilities it holds for them.

One of our best kept secrets is also one of Canada's Top Editorial Experts!  We are extremely honored to have partnered with Crossman Communications and Susan Crossman of Canada, one of the most sought after Editorial experts in her field.

We are honored to work with authors who are interested in taking their book to the next pinnacle with the renowned expertise delivered by Susan and her team to assist in taking your book to the next level of excellence!

For the author who has already written a book or who is preparing to publish their next book, we are pleased to assist you in arranging and managing your next Book Signing Event!

Whether you are looking to appear at a local independent bookstore or one of the larger opportunities that include a large Box Book store or special event signing, Carnelian Moon Publishing assists with the details to ensure your Book signing opportunity gains attention and attendance!

  • Uniquely postioned Trackabook directory promoting (max 30 clients) in various industries and niches
  • Includes publication in a Trackabook volume, Mobile App listing and VIPXperience website
  • Professionals must be known for their delivering of unique, exclusive and high caliber service with quality-oriented client solutions. 

Both Debbie and Judith have a background in Coaching, Mentorship, NLP and Hypnotherapy and together they offer services related to mindset, motivation, Vision mapping and more!

If you are seeking to break free of limiting beliefs, gain more confidence, leap out of your current Comfort Zone and make great strides forward in your career and personal life, our Coaching services are designed to assist you in being the individual you know you can be and do so with all the confidence you deserve to possess.

Group Coaching Sessions

Writing Support

Creative/Business Mapping with MINDSCAPING

Editing: Manuscript, Developmental, Copy-write, Proofreading

Book Interior Design/Development

Visioning and Idea Support

One-on-One Author support

Specialized Marketing

Expert Delivered Solutions

from our professional partners


Social Media posts/ads

Book Covers

Lead Magnet/Funnels

Membership Site Dev

Website Make-Over

Interior Book Design

Affirmation/Oracle Card Design




Trackabook Edits

Website Copy/Edits

Content Creation


Mobile App Development

Content Development/Management

Viral Marketing Development

Community Engagement

Mobile Course Development Support

Phases Podcast

Catch our latest episode of the Phases Podcast.  Designed to support new, intermediate and seasoned Authors no matter where you are on your journey!

We will be seeking Author Interview Candidates soon!  More details will be available shortly.

“If you want to change the world, pick up your pen and write.”

~ Martin Luther King