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You don’t really know what you are looking for until it finds you. When it does, it’s as though every piece of the puzzle was just waiting for you to see it.  That’s exactly how Carnelian Moon Publishing was born.  With the realization that the puzzle pieces were waiting for us to see them.  Now that we have, we’d love to share our story with you!

Debbie Belnavis-Brimble

A Teacher’s words sparked a Student’s Passion

At the age of 15 as Debbie chose her o-level subjects, her Teacher informed her that she would not be added to the list of students who would take the English Literature exam because she didn’t believe that Debbie would pass.

As the teenager’s heart sank, she accepted her Teacher’s words to be her truth. She didn’t do the exam so she never knew if she would have passed or not. She entered adulthood believing that she hated reading, she was a slow reader, she didn’t like writing. Imagine 25 years later the young girl who wasn’t good enough became a #1 International Best-Selling Author and has made it her purpose to inspire women around the world to live their lives reigniting their inner brilliance and knowing that infinite possibilities are available to them.

Regardless of what others may have thought, we were all born brilliant and it’s time to allow our brilliance to shine!

Judith Richardson Schroeder

A Teacher's words became a student's dream

The seed that began  years ago was planted by a Teacher Judith didn’t know and had never met, yet her words stayed with the young Grade 9 girl to finally become a reality in March 2018.

While a grade 9 student, Judith penned a short story for one of her younger brothers.  When the story reached her brother’s Teacher, the path that Judith would eventually follow became a seed planted in the impressionable mind of a young teen girl with a vivid imagination.

The Teacher’s small request, “Have the writer of this story autograph it and bring it back to me. I want to be able to say I have one of their first works when they become a Best Selling Author.”

That was in 1973. The Teacher’s name is unknown, but today, not only has that 9th Grader become a Best Selling Author, she is now helping other Authors become one as well!

Co-Founding Publisher

Co-Founding Publisher

Dr Malaika Singleton

Editorial Services

Graphic Designer

debbie judy

Collaborative partnership

Leads to the launch of an idea

Debbie and Judith finally met in person just over two years after they met for the first time virtually! 

During that time they had the opportunity to work more closely with one another on a mobile app project.

When the idea for Carnelian Moon Publishing arrived, the course for its birth had already been decided by God/Source/Universe, and just several weeks later, Carnelian Moon Publishing came together as if by synchronistic magic!

The Japanese believe the Dragonflies are symbolic of success, victory, happiness, strength and courage The Native American culture believes Dragonflies are bringer of dreams. When a Dragonfly sits on your shoulder all your dreams will come true!

- Cultural wisdoms