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We love helping authors give wings to their words and embracing their vision. Our super power? Helping those who have experienced poor publishing results in the past, restoring your trust in the publishing path, and restoring the faith you have in YOU to be a successful, blissful author!


Mission, Vision & Purpose

At Carnelian Moon Publishing, one of our cornerstones is delivering VIPxperiences to our clients. We purposefully seek the best talents and expertise to allow us to fulfill this goal beyond your expectations.

The result? The opportunity to offer your services beyond those provided by Traditional or other Hybrid Publishing Agencies.
It is our explicit Mission and vision to bring to you, our discerning clients, services, experiences, and integrity-oriented delivery of our offerings that reflects and shows our commitment to you and your authoring journey’s success.
Carnelian Moon Publishing came to be when the Co-founders experienced less than satisfactory publishing experiences. As other authors shared similar stories, it became apparent change was necessary. We launched Carnelian Moon Publishing, Inc., August 6, 2019, and have delivered authors a uniquely blissful and successful publishing experience ever since.

Our Vision is to create a platform for women around the globe to find their authentic voice and share their message, spreading seeds of hope and possibility. Reminding our authors that they have the freedom to give themselves permission to soar and be seen and heard.

Our Mission is to help guide 1000 best-selling authors in 5 years, infusing the world with empowerment, inspiration, leadership, passion, purpose, healing, and love.

Our primary purpose is to help authors publish their work! Our goal is to assist authors in enjoying that process and reaping the benefits of being a Carnelian Moon published Harmonious Author!

We are on a mission to help 1,000 authors achieve their publishing dreams, a book at a time, over the next five years!

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story in brief

We’ve experienced a wonderfully serendipitous journey on our way to becoming the uniquely positioned Hybrid Publishing Agency we are today.  We have similar backgrounds, and similar journeys.  Teachers were the catalyst behind our individual journeys into author-dom, for very different reasons, yet here we are, doing exactly what we love and enjoying what we do for,  and with other amazing authors! Our paths merged, our purpose intertwined, and our authors reap the benefits of our experience.

Two stories, two views, one goal

Our Timeline

Late 2017 Founder History
Late 2017 Founder History
Dec 2018 Founder History
Mar 2019 A New path emerges
Jun 2019 A new path
Aug 6, 2020 A new path emerges
July 2020 Bright Future Ahead
Aug 2020 Celebration

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