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Carnelian Moon loves helping authors give wings to their words and embrace their visions. Our company’s superpower? Helping those who have experienced a “less than”  publishing journey in your past to now experience and restore your trust in your personal publishing path and bring you back to experiencing the journey that  you as an author deserves to receive — that of being a Blissful Author!


Mission, Vision & Purpose

At Carnelian Moon Publishing, one of our cornerstones is delivering VIPxperiences to our clients. We purposefully seek the best talents and expertise to allow us to fulfill this goal beyond your expectations.

The result? The opportunity to offer you services beyond those provided by Traditional or other Hybrid Publishing Agencies.
It is our explicit Mission and vision to bring to you, our discerning clients, services, experiences, and integrity-oriented delivery of our offerings that reflects our commitment to you and your authoring journey’s success.
Carnelian Moon Publishing came to be when the founder experienced less than satisfactory publishing experiences. As other authors shared similar stories, it became apparent change was needed. Carnelian Moon Publishing, Inc., launched on August 6, 2019, and has delivered authors a uniquely blissful and successful publishing experience since.

By May 31, 2022, Carnelian Moon Publishing was ready to step into a new level of service, support, and growth to serve authors even more fully than in our past three-year history.  We began collaborating with industry experts to deliver professional services that rival Traditional publishing services. We are so proud of the Team who has joined us on this new leg of our journey forward!  If you are serious about your journey forward as an author, Carnelian Moon Publishing, Inc., can certainly deliver you a professionally supported experience from beginning to end!

Our Vision is to create a platform for women, men, and budding young authors around the globe to find their authentic voices and share their message, their vision, and wisdom with others. Reminding our authors that they have the freedom to give themselves permission to soar and be seen and heard, is important to us. We believe in YOU, and we are happy to share that mantra with you as often as you may need to hear it.

Our Mission is to help guide  many best-selling authors in the coming years who wish to step forward and seize their dream of publication, and more! Your vision, no matter what season of life you are in, has value and is important to be shared. If you have the desire to publish your book, share your wisdom, ideas,  empowerment, inspiration, leadership, passion, purpose, healing, or something uniquely you,  our team is here to serve you!

Our primary purpose is to help authors publish their work with a professional flair! Our goal is to assist authors in enjoying the process while reaping the benefits of being a Carnelian Moon-published author in The Blissful Author™ way.

We are on a mission to not only help authors achieve their publishing dreams, one book at a time, but also support you to gain skills, confidence, knowledge, and experience to help you become your OWN publisher if that is your desire. We don’t simply publish your work, we teach you how to publish your work successfully if that is your goal.

Ready to take your dreams to the next level?  Your Team awaits you!  Reach out to us for a consultation at any time!


Why we may be right for you

A published author who supports authors

Judith is a Best Selling Author, an International Speaker, and has published two of her own books, One Magnificent Yes, soon to be re-released, and Manifested Blessings, an anthology. She has also been published in other Anthologies including a group of stories in the 1990s. She was published in Chicken Soup for the Soul’s book Dreams and Premonitions in 2017 and is one of 21 authors contributing to a powerful anthology The Year the World Paused, where authors shared poignant stories about their journey through 2020’s COVID-19 Pandemic.

A publisher who loves to learn

Over the last three-year period, Judith was eager to learn all that she could about the publishing process, including experiencing the editorial and layout processes from the ground up.  These skills, although not something she intended to contribute to often, have given her the level of professional insight that is valuable when it comes to understanding the roles of each, and allows her to bridge the connection between author and professional expert to ensure both experiences a blissful, mutually easeful journey.

An Entrepreneur & Coach at heart

For authors seeking to take their book(s) to new heights that include creating or supporting a business based on their expertise, the skills and experience of a serial entrepreneur can be invaluable.  Judith has operated several businesses over the years, and she is married to an entrepreneur who has also built multi-million dollar enterprises in his industry.  Whether you are seeking to step into entrepreneurship for the first time, or you simply require supportive tools and guidance, Judith’s experience and expertise can assist you in bringing your vision to realization!

Support for aspiring course developers suited for the ambitious author

Judith is an experienced international speaker and also specializes in Course development support for authors seeking to share their wisdom from their books to support clients through an online teaching platform that 

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A rare gem delivering publishing services to discerning authors


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