Anthologies that unite our Spirits

Our Anthologies touch hearts, minds, bodies, and spirits!   From woman to woman, and women to the World, we share stories of triumph from tragedy, growth from adversity, strength from struggles.  Are you destined to share your story?

Anthologies that connect our Souls

For most authors, collaborative efforts are a great way to step into the authoring realm if you are new to writing.  But, did you know that many authors take part in Anthologies to lend their support to other authors? 

If you are a writer who has never considered Anthology authoring, perhaps it’s time you investigate the possibilities.  

At Carnelian Moon Publishing, Inc., we have been a part of several anthologies, and have met so many incredible authors because of it.  

There is a unique collaborative opportunity when authors come together for the purpose of sharing their own, individually unique perspectives.  And, from these collaborations often springs a connection with one another that allows for friendships to develop, unique partnerships to blossom, and branches of other possibilities that may never have transpired because the authors came together to share a common purpose!

Carnelian Moon Publishing, Inc., believes that our authors are uniquely special.  You seek opportunities that not only move your Soul but feed your heart!  That’s why it is important to us that our Anthologies have a purpose behind.  Whether that purpose is to support a Charitable endeavor, or a fund-raising effort, or a specific cause.    
In our mind, Anthologies are a wonderful way to not only share amazing messages from incredible authors, but lend our voices to be the conduits of change and purpose that drive transformations throughout our world!

Anthologies have the power to connect

We have had so much fun bringing authors together to collaborate through the Anthology experience!

Anthologies are how we began our writing careers!  Now, we guide other authors to share their own stories with the world through the same easeful opportunities!

Have you always wanted to write, but the thought of pounding the keyboard or handwriting your thoughts over a 50 or 60 thousand word manuscript seemed just a little too daunting?  Many of us have been there, too. That is why at Carnelian Moon Publishing, we LOVE sharing our Anthology opportunities with you.  They are a beautiful stepping stone into authorship, and we cannot imagine a more unified journey than sharing your words with several or dozens of other like-minded people to come together and create an amazing vision of work that resonates with so many!

What a beautiful, easeful and BLISSFUL way to step into authoring!  Our anthologies are SO effortless to be a part of!  Most of our Anthology opportunities range in the 500 to 1200 word range.  We have anthologies that offer authors a 2000 word opportunity, but we believe that a story is just as powerful when it shares a spectrum of views and visions wonderfully and concisely.

We would love to invite YOU to join us in our upcoming Anthology opportunities!   Isn’t it time you shared your voice with the world?  We think so! 

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up-coming Heart & Soul Anthologies


Your message Your way

Authors with passion

Carnelian Moon Publishing is passionate about sharing your message with the world!  Your voice calls you to share your written words with an audience that resonates with YOU. Our job is to help you step boldly into the Messenger you deserve to be!


The Legacy Collection

Stories from the heart

Our Legacy Collection of books are calling authors from all walks of life, all corners of the world, and encouraging you to share messages with others that will speak for generations to come!

The most important aspect we look for in an author is one of passion for their story/message, the willingness to step from behind the veil, and reveal the ‘you’ that desires to share the messages you KNOW must be shared, that are meant to illicit  change in others and ultimately, in our world!

Connect with us to learn more about being a Legacy Collections Author.


The Bliss Chronicles

stories for the soul

We’ve long practiced the art of BLISSNESS, what we call our style of business, and now, we are seeking the stories that others have to share that guides readers to uncover their own level of Bliss and encourage them to step into living blissfully and from their soul!

If you practice Bliss on a unique level, incorporate gentle habits, lifestyles, or practices that encourage the art of peacefulness, calm, bliss, and relaxation, we’d love to invite you to learn more about becoming one of our Bliss Chronicle authors.  Your style of Bliss may be just what someone has been seeking!


leading by example

demonstrate thru story

Leading others through how you live is one of the most powerful ways to not only lead by example, but show through your own actions, experiences, and beliefs, that you trust who YOU are and you desire to teach others how to do the same! Proof is in the steps!

Our Anthologies

The world, more than ever, needs your message! 

Imagine answering the calling you have been hearing for years now, yet never moving forward on it?  Imagine arriving at a point in your life where you realize, “if only I would have known…”, or “if only someone had told me that when I was younger!”

It may not be possible to go back in time and redo what we wish we’d known before we needed to know it, but we can move forward and share our wisdom gained with those generations now coming up in the world.

Imagine your message imparting just the right amount of encouragement to stick to a goal, to step through a challenge, to embrace an opportunity with open arms.   Changing & expanding lives through your wisdom message is what our Anthologies are about.

At Carnelian Moon Publishing we know you have a lot of wisdom to share, and that is why we would like to invite you to be one of our Anthology authors.

We have two collections with many more in the wings.  We have an Author Call for our Legacy Collection:  Messages to My Younger Self and Messages to My Inner Child.  Our Bliss Chronicles collection will be announced soon with messages designed to lift the Spirits and sooth the Soul.

We invite you to consider joining us as an author in one of our Legacy Collection titles, or join our Wait List to receive notice when our Author call for the Bliss Chronicles launches.

Legacy Collection call for authors

Call for authors

Messages to My Younger Self

Imagine learning from your wiser self and receive those teachings as your younger self!  What would you want your younger self to know?

Now, imagine imparting that same wisdom to the generations coming up in the world today.  That is the purpose of Messages to My Younger Self.  To share your wisdom from experiences already learned, written in a way that speaks to your younger self and imparts to today’s generations the valuable lessons you would have enjoyed.  

The opportunity to support, encourage, and guide young people today as they receive the benefit of your wisdom to help them tomorrow.

children legacy
Call for authors

Messages to My Inner Child

There is a lot of talk about something called ‘’Re-parenting” today.  We know that much of our learned behavior as children is received through the teachings and actions/reactions of those around us. 

Our mother is our first influential person in our life, and most of our early lessons are maternally based.  As we reach the age of about 7, we then model and learn more from our paternal role model, our father, and the surrounding others in our sphere, including teachers, neighbours, relatives, and others of influence.

Messages to My Inner Child is a peek into exploring our inner needs and desires and sharing our stories to encourage others to explore their Inner Child. 

Father talking with son
coming soon

Messages to My ...

Coming soon, a call for Authors to share their messages of love, gratitude, insights and even release of the tougher emotions such as hurt, betrayal, anger.  

Messages to My Father, My Mother, My Siblings, My partner, etc., are those opportunities to share our voices with those we love, struggle to love, or need to forgive in order for us to live our life fully.

We will announce more information about these titles once they are ready to receive Author submissions.


Bliss chronicles coming soon!

Call for Authors coming soon

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