Mindset of a Successful Author

So, you think you are ready to become a successful author?

At some point in every author’s journey, they doubt their own abilities. I am sure that you can relate to that, even experienced authors who have hit the New Your Times Best Seller lists doubt their abilities.

Some of the challenges you encounter include:

  • Your Inner Critic
  • Fear of Rejection/Criticism
  • Fear of Judgement
  • Fear of Failure
  • Imposter Syndrome (Self Doubt)
Even our own authors, including those of us who have been published in multiple books, still battle with feeling inferior as an author for one reason or another. 

What’s your mindset like right now? Where are you in your journey? Are you an experienced and even successful author who has contributed to many books or written a few of your own and you still battle with the inner critic asking you … “who wants to read what you have to say?” or are you a new author with an amazing idea that you want to pen, yet you feel that if you start writing your book others will judge you and wonder “who do you think you are writing a book?” After all, there’s nothing special about you is there?

We know exactly where you are and what you are probably going through right now and we have a few strategies to share with you to support you in taking your first or next steps in your authoring journey. At Carnelian Moon Publishing, we believe that everyone has a book inside of them and that includes you.

"You never get over the fear of writing."

Maya Angelou

If someone like Maya Angelou, who has written approximately 15 books and over 160 poems and still encountered fear, yet it didn’t stop her from encouraging so many young authors around the world. Why should you allow fear to hold you back? If you never get over the fear of writing, why not embrace the fear and just go for it!

Check out the Phases Podcast and listen to our episode about Creating the Mindset of a Successful Author where we share about some of the strategies used by our very own Founding Publishers who are also authors. Also, listen to some of the Meet the Author interviews that we will be sharing where everyday authors just like you share their journey to becoming an author and listen out for some of the nuggets that they share to support you as an author.

You are an amazing a successful a creative Author

Some of the most treasured strategies that have supported us in our early stages of being an author include:

your model of a Successful Author

Identify your model of a successful author by asking yourself a few questions, like:
who or what is a successful author
what does a successful author look like
what does a successful author sound like
what does a successful author behave


Your definition of a successful author

Create your own personal definition of what or who a successful author is? Once you have created this, similarly to the model of a successful author, these will support you with understanding what you are aiming for and allowing you to know when you have arrived at your personal goal.


Your Author story

Identify your old story, how you see yourself as an author? Your old story may be filled with lots of non-positive statements, a reminder of why you are or are not an author.
Now that you have your old author story, it's time to create your new author story. What is the story that you want to claim as your truth from today onwards?


Affirmations of a successful author

Speak positivity into your life and your authoring journey. We have identified a few affirmations for you here to support you in your authoring journey that you can print out and have visible around your writing space to remind you of the successful author that you are. We have shared more affirmations in another blog post titled Affirmations for Successful Authors.

"The scariest moment is always just before you start."

Stephen King

There are so many other strategies, techniques, and practices that you can incorporate into your daily life to support you in creating an author mindset. We have shared four only four with you. Look out for other blog posts and we cover this topic in our online experiences.