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Whether you are in search of specific support as an author, or you need a full-compliment team of experts, our Team can deliver!  Our goal is to make your job as a writer and author, as easeful as possible!

Our Focus is You

Every step we take with you on your authoring journey is tailored to who you are, how you take in information, and what your experiences may have been as a published author.  

It has been our experience that far too many very promising authors forgo becoming published because they’ve had a poor experience with a publisher who may have promised them far more than they delivered.  We’ve been there ourselves, and we know just how disappointing and difficult that can be.

Our promise to you is that we will always endeavor to treat our authors as we ourselves expect to be treated as authors.  Our promise isn’t ‘lip service’.  Our authors choose us because they experience our professionalism every step of the way.  Our unique perspectives, our forward thinking, our vested interest in your book, are all reasons we draw to us only the very best authors who are seeking the most discerning experience, and expect us to deliver!

Meet Your

Amazing Team of Creative Visionaries

Debbie Belnavis-Brimble

Debbie Belnavis Brimble

Co-Founding Publisher, Director

As Director and Co-founder of Carnelian Moon Publishing, Inc., Debbie brings her extensive experience in Project Management to the forefront. Her expertise delivers authors the opportunity to enjoy a robust publishing experience from first contact through to published results — easefully and effortlessly.  She is a wealth of knowledge and authors feel immensely supported every step of their journey.

Debbie is a Master NLP Practitioner and Inner Brilliance Coach and Co-founder of Behind those Heels, a uniquely positioned movement that supports amazing women from all walks of life to tell their incredible stories.

When not supporting authors to bring their books to the world, Debbie shares her valuable skills through her coaching platform and assists women to get things done in their lives and businesses!  She enjoys very special family time as often as her schedule allows, spending it with her husband Simon and son Jaiden. 

Judith Richardson Schroeder

Judith Richardson Schroeder


Judith is Director and Co-founder of Carnelian Moon Publishing, Inc., and brings with her over four decades of writing experience.  As a Freelance writer and researcher, Anthology and single title author, Judith assists authors in mapping out their vision, seeing the bigger picture, and instilling within new, first-time authors the confidence to move forward with their dreams to become a published, successful author, blissfully.

Judith is a Certified Hypnotherapist and Master Hypnotist, MINDSCAPE Facilitator, International Speaker, Best Selling Amazon author, contributing author in several co-authored books.

She is pursuing her PhD in Transpersonal Counseling, and her Ministerial Designation.  When not busy writing, teaching, coaching and publishing amazing authors works, Judith spends time with her family and granddaughter, and traveling and cruising with her husband whenever time permits.

Dr. Malaika K. Singleton - Copy

Malaika Singleton

Lead Editorial Expert

As resident Editorial Expert, Malaika brings a level of polish to author’s manuscripts that allow their work to shine as only they know it deserves.   Whether a short-story or a lengthy novel, Malaika’s expertise delivers authors the confidence to know their book is Primetime ready for publication and enjoyment by readers from around the globe!

Malaika brings her background in Thesis, Dissertation and Research documentation, writing and editing to the forefront when working with our clients.  Your editing needs are well met when Malaika has your work in mind.

When not editing, Malaika is passionately pursuing her interests related to self-expansion, ancestry, history, and her exceptional interest in world affairs and human interest.


Simon Brimble

lead interior design Expert

Simon displays his dedication and eye for detail as he delivers a book that aligns with our author’s vision, while exploring all possibilities with various options available. His aim is always to support our clients in creating a book they are proud to hold, and which fully represents them and their brand. Simon is one of Carnelian Moon Publishing’s go to experts for our book’s interior design. 

His experience includes supporting clients from different genres including fiction, non-fiction and children’s books. His current portfolio includes the books: The Power of Your Inner Brilliance, Manifested Blessings, Bellyflies, Demystifying College Admission, Mother Love and I Love Ice Cream. 

Simon’s over 20 years of experience in the IT Service Management arena specializing in project management, problem management, incident management and more, means our clients receive the utmost in efficient and effective file, layout and book management available! Simon has a passion for learning new technologies which have led him to expand his expertise into the Adobe Suite, including InDesign,  our tool of choice for book interior design here at Carnelian Moon. 

Jennifer Insignares

Jennifer insignares

Lead Graphical Expert

Jennifer packs in a lot of exceptional creative talent for authors.  Her eye for detail, color and elements that make all the difference in producing a magnificent vision for every book cover, means Carnelian Moon Publishing, Inc., can deliver authors the cover they not only love, but that readers will love holding and displaying on their book shelves!

Our Partners

We partner with the best to provide a unique blend of services to support all your authoring needs. We are always looking for new partners to collaborate with, so if you are interested, please email us at info@carnelianmoonpublishing.com. We look forward to connecting with you.

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