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The unique voices of our authors is something we are incredibly honored to share.  From the short story author, the Children’s author, the author who loves contributing to Anthologies, and of course the author who writes and shares their own stories in a singular book.  We celebrate each of you here.  

Meet our children's author

Cathy Gagliardi

Cathy, a beloved children’s author from Ontario, Canada, has been writing and sharing her stories with children for over six years! Her titles include BellyFlies, Gonna Build a Boat, The Chocolate Egg Willow, and her newest releases Mother Love and I Love Icecream. Recently, Cathy approached us to ask if we might be able to help her with a dilemma she had.  A publishing platform where she shared all of her titles had recently begun doing work on their site and suddenly, Cathy discovered all but one of her books had disappeared!  When she attempted to reach out to the company to learn what had happened and how it could be corrected, she was met with silence.  Not certain what to do, she reached out to Carnelian Moon Publishing. In under two weeks, we not only had all her books available online again, but we had prepared the first of her books, Bellyflies, to be an eBook.  We also updated the contents to allow Cathy to expand her book’s reach worldwide in paperback! To learn more about Cathy, visit her through her links provided below.
Meet our Newest Author

Brian Keith South

Brian’s new book, Demystifying College Admission Learn Key Strategies and Develop the Right Mindset to Get into the College of Your Choice, is available worldwide in mid-Sept 2020!

Brian was referred to us by a dear friend after he discovered the book he had been anticipating being published soon was suddenly delayed and to move forward, he would have to supply additional funds to the publisher for what the publisher deemed was necessary additional rework.  Brian’s dream of seeing his work out in the world had been sustaining his outlook for the two years he worked with the publisher and now, his dreams were being delayed further.  When we met with Brian, he remained undaunted by the disappointment but was guarded with his optimism.  We not only knew we could help Brian get his work published, we knew we could do it in only months!  His eBook went into Pre-Sale August 31, 2020 with the print version arriving mid-September, 2020!

Brian South grew up on a farm in the picturesque region of Crescent City, CA. His father’s abusive response to his mother’s mental illness led Brian into foster care. His experience showed Brian how the system fails so many children, by neglect, by limiting access to education and by failing to provide guidance or mentorship in their lives. This cultivated in him a deep concern for youth and a love of education.

Brian lives his passion for instructing, empowering, and inspiring students of all ages and walks of life to reach their full potential. He tutors, coaches, and advocates for college readiness by specific subject instruction, mentoring students in college entrance essays, admission interviews, and providing invaluable assistance in sourcing college funding for students.

Brian is a lifelong learner, a dedicated student of self- development, and a champion of youth. He passionately shares his training and certification in education, coaching, financial literacy, neuroscience, and sales to help his students open the door to the college of their choice. Brian lives in Sacramento, CA, with his fiancée, Nikki Myres.

To learn more about Brian, visit him through the links provided below.


Celebrating Authors

At Carnelian Moon Publishing, we are always celebrating!  We celebrate the first-time author who steps up and says, “I’m ready to write!”  And, the author who just completed their manuscript and is preparing to hand it over to our Editorial team.

We celebrate the author who just completed hours of editorial refinements and now waits patiently as our Book Design team works on their book’s interior layout and book cover design!

We celebrate when our authors prepare to release their book to the world, and we are there to help them through the butterflies, the doubts, the excitement, and the reality of sending a piece of them out to readers around the globe!

But, most of all, we celebrate our authors for taking the steps necessary to fulfill a dream they have, and one they may have had for many years!  We celebrate their boldness, their courage, their stick-to-it drive to be the author they KNOW deep inside they not only desire to be, but they deserve to be!

That is why we take our job so seriously.  We believe every author deserves to experience the journey of seeing their very own book in print, and that journey is one that deserves to be as blissful and as inspiring as it can be!

That’s why we invite YOU, the soon to be author, the new author, the seasoned author — no matter where you are in your journey right now — to speak with us to explore your authoring future with Carnelian Moon Publishing, Inc.  

authors in

Our published titles

Winifred Adams

Manifested Blessings & Power of your inner brilliance

Winifred shares her story with readers in our book, Manifested Blessings.  The host of the popular Radio show Making Life Brighter offers a glimpse into a small part of her life’s journey.  Be sure to check out Winifred’s stories in both titles, and her show.

Debbie BelnavisBrimble


Debbie is the author of Power of Your Inner Brilliance, and a co-author in Manifested Blessings.  She shares her personal insights with you in both books.  Debbie hosts a podcast with her co-founder over at Behind those Heels.  Why not dive in to all three!

Mary Ananda Shakti

Mary Ananda Shakti

Manifested Blessings

Mary is the epitome of joy and laughter and as a Laughter Yoga Coach she knows all the best ways to spring smiles and elicit belly laughs.  Her story shared in Manifested Blessings however, was not a laughing matter.  But, it brought much joy and healing at a time when she needed it most.  You’ll love the twist!

Deborah Ann Davis

Manifested blessings & power of your inner brilliance

Deborah shares a very uplifting story that is sure to bring you a mindshift, especially if you or someone you love, is going through health issues.  Deborah recently launched her own book, which you can learn more about on her website.   A perfect way to get to know this up and coming author!

More Authors in

Our published titles

Laura Atyeo

Laura Atyo

Power of Your Inner Brilliance

Laura shares her story from a place of vulnerability and authenticity.  A story you will surely be touched by, and an author to be watched.  Laura is also an accomplished musician.  She touches hearts through music and words!


Angelique Miralles

Power of your inner brilliance

Angelique is another beautiful author in the Power of Your Inner Brilliance.  She shares a special story that is sure to have you seeing the beauty within yourself.  Be sure to spend some time with Angelique soon.

Janet Wiszowaty

Janet Wiszowaty

Power of your inner brilliance

Janet is the What Now Coach, and she’s all about finding solutions to. some of life’s challenging moments.  She is a multi-book author, and her story in Power of Your Inner Brilliance will have you wanting to read more! 


Isha B. Campbell

Power of your inner brilliance

Isha lends her beautiful voice to the Power of Your Inner Brilliance to deliver you her story in a way that will bring you pause while consciously feeling a shift in your mindset as you read.  Beautifully conveyed, you won’t want to miss her story.

More authors in

Our published titles


Share your voice

Let it ring

If 2020 teaches us nothing, may it teach us to have our voices heard! 

We encourage you to share your voice with others through your written words.  Through your stories.    Whether through your OWN book or through one of our Co-Authoring opportunities.  The world is waiting to hear from you, in your words, and in the way only YOU can say it!

It’s time to share your VOICE, beloved.  

There wll never be a better time than NOW!

Cathy Gagliardi

Cathy Gagliardi

Manifested Blessings, Twinkling Lynx Books: Bellyflies

Cathy is a very busy children’s author, but she still found the time to author several children’s books, and share her story in Manifested Blessings.  Be sure to check out her story, and visit her on Youtube if you have little ones who love storytime!

Judith Richardson Schroeder

Judith Richardson Schroeder

Manifested Blessings, Power of Your Inner Brilliance

Judith is a multi-book author and also a contributing author in a Chicken Soup for the Soul anthology Dreams & Premonitions (2017).  Her story in Power of Your Inner Brilliance will have you thinking about just how fleeting life can be. As the compiling author of Manifested Blessings, she enjoyed sharing so many talented voices with readers. Be sure to check out both books!


bless your life

and the world

At Carnelian Moon Publishing, we want you to feel blessed, be blessed and do blessed things every day in your life!

Becoming an author may have been your dream for awhile, or perhaps you’ve only begun exploring it.  

If your goal is to pursue writing, and you have something to share but don’t think others will want to hear it?  Then, that’s a true sign that you should be sharing!  

Our other Imprints for Authors

Mother sitting on sofa in the living room with her children, reading them a book
Our Children's Imprint

Arya & Jaiden

For authors who enjoy writing for children of the world, our Children’s Imprint is designed to support you in your dreams of writing for and delivering books to the children and their guardians.

This Imprint accepts children’s books for age groups from 18 months to 12 years.  Illustrations, imagery for toddlers to tweens.  Stories designed to capture their imaginations and their hearts are welcome.

Designer drawing design project.
Our Gent's Imprint

Cinnamon Tree Press

For men who desire to share their books with the world and  discovered a need to find  a Publisher that meets and understands their requirements, and delivers.

This Imprint accepts men’s books with a message to other men, from a personal, self-help perspective or  How-to action oriented perspective.

This imprint also accepts manuscripts related to business how-to as well as managing and dealing with relationships and other timely topics. 

Amethyst Druze on a witch's altar for a magical ritual among crystals and black candles.
Our Metaphysical Imprint

Ravens & Dragonflies

For authors who desire to share their writing of a metaphysical nature, encompassing Spirituality, Manifesting, Abundance, Hypnotherapy and other Mind-Body modalities, Universal Aspects and more.

This imprint accepts both men and women’s work providing the material is Metaphysical in nature and lends to teach others beneficial techniques, applications, or introduce the reader to new, self-growth and expansive experiences that also lean toward the Spiritual and/or Mystic .

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