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As authors themselves, our Founding Publishers, Debbie Belnavis-Brimble and Judith Richardson Schroeder know the value of sharing your message and story with the world, by birthing your book. It may have been a lifelong dream of yours, and you are wondering how to make it a reality.

By now, you know the story of Carnelian Moon Publishing and if you don’t visit our About Page. As a result of their non-positive experiences with publishing of their own books in the past, they decided to share their blessings by offering an annual grant to those authors who may have faced their own challenges along their authoring journey. It is the belief of Carnelian Moon Publishing that there is a book inside of everyone and they want to support you in giving your words wings.

If you or an author you know would like to apply for the next grant, please see additional information below, and also find out about our past recipients of our Publishing Grant Awards.

2019-2020 Award Recipients
December 2020 Award Recipient

Cathy Gagliardi

Meet #1 Best Selling Children’s Author, Cathy Gagliardi from Canada. Cathy has been writing and publishing her Yumyum series for over five years and signed with us as a client a couple of months ago to have all her books resized and added to a wider distribution of over 40,000 outlets around the world. We are so honored to accompany Cathy on her journey.
Prior to Cathy joining us as a client, we noticed her huge passion, dedication, and commitment and everything that she did, was always out of love for children. Cathy even set up a Go Fund Me page to raise funds to support her in distributing her books to children around the world. Her books have been created to support children in understanding their emotions. We fell in love with her work and wanted to support her in getting her message out into the world, for her to be able to impact the lives of even more children. We decided that we would support Cathy by awarding her a grant which included creating her Twinklying Lynx website and her Facebook Business Page in late 2019 to support her successful authoring journey with a value of over $4000US.
We are so honored that Cathy has also joined us as an author and we can support her ongoing in having a wider reach with her books and to also celebrate her becoming a #1 Best Selling Author for her first book, Bellyflies.
Congratulations Cathy on being our very first recipient of our Annual Carnelian Moon Publishing Grant. Thank you for your continued support and for entrusting us to support your authoring journey.
Find out about Cathy’s Yumyum series of children books and support her:



June 2020 Award recipient

Brian Keith South

Meet Carnelian Moon’s second Grant Awardee from the Unitied States, Brian Keith South!

If tenacity, dedication, a burning desire, and determination were currency, Brian Keith South would be one of the richest men on earth!

Brian’s journey is inspirational and rich with a passion for helping students from all walks of life move through College Admissions with a little less trepidation and more confidence in their pursuit of higher education.

When we met Brian, he had recently spearheaded a GoFundMe campaign to raise funds to complete the editing of his manuscript. The publisher who had the manuscript for two years was now asking for a further investment of thousands of more dollars before work would proceed. Despite the great disappointment, Brian struck out on his own to do what he could to see his vision to completion.

Upon learning of Brian’s journey and the disappointment he had experienced, Debbie and I knew immediately we wanted and could help him realize his dream! Carnelian Moon Publishing presented Brian with our Done With You Publishing package including full Project Management, editing, book format and design, and additional support to put his book in front of 40,000+ retail and online outlets around the world! The Grant has a value of over $6,000!

Brian’s book will hit retailers soon complete with a brand new beautiful cover, polished editing, and expert layout and design! Having read his book from cover to cover during the editing process, I can tell you it is an enjoyable read filled with excellent value and just the right dose of inspirational nudging from him to spur students onward with confidence toward their pursuits to higher learning.

We are so honored that Brian has joined us as an author and we can support him on this next leg of his book’s long journey to reach his readers! We are preparing to celebrate his rise to #1 Best-Selling Author when Demystifying College Admission hits stores soon!

Congratulations Brian on being our second recipient of our Annual Carnelian Moon Publishing Grant. Thank you for your continued support and for entrusting us to support your authoring journey.

To learn more about his book, or to connect with Brian, visit:

Our Publishing Award for 2021 is seeking Recipients!

We are already preparing to celebrate our very next Publishing Awards Recipient for next year’s round of grant giving!  If you, or someone you know is deserving of our Carnelian Moon Publishing Award Grant, we would LOVE to learn more!

How do you know if you or an author you know qualify?

  • You or your nominated author MUST be an author who has been pursuing publishing of a book for at least the last SIX months;

  • You or your nominated author MUST have dealt with a challenge that has created a significant delay in the book reaching publication;

  • You, or your author nominee, MUST have a story about the publishing journey that inspires other authors;

  • You or your author nominee MUST have a message that the world needs to receive, whether inspirational, transformational, aspirational or growth-oriented.

For further information and guidelines regarding our Award, please connect with us through

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