Positive Affirmations for Authors

Often, as authors, actually, this goes for every single human being on the planet! Everyday, we have our own inner thoughts, whether we are being our own inner critic and having self doubt or we are speaking life into ourselves and speaking love and positivity. Which do you do daily? I know that as an author, we go through various periods where the words are flowing and all’s well, then the next minute, we could be having a complete block, as we stare onto a blank page for hours on end, wondering what will we write next. We just cannot find the flow, the creative juices just stopped flowing altogether. Self-doubt, fear, imposter syndrome and of course that inner critic comes in.

If you have heard of affirmations before you know the power of them. If you have not heard or them or not tried tried them previously, then an affirmation is a positive statement, usually starting with I AM … which supports in you enhancing your mindset.


What’s your mindset like right now? Where are you in your journey? Are you an experienced and even successful author who has contributed to many books or written a few of your own and you still battle with the inner critic asking you … “who wants to read what you have to say?” or are you a new author with an amazing idea that you want to pen, yet you feel that if you start writing your book others will judge you and wonder “who do you think you are writing a book?” After all, there’s nothing special about you is there?

We know exactly where you are and what you are probably going through right now and we have a few strategies to share with you to support you in taking your first or next steps in your authoring journey. At Carnelian Moon Publishing, we believe that everyone has a book inside of them and that includes you.

"Affirmations are powerful seeds of intent directed at ones higher self with the ability to change the course of ones life in quite extraordinary and exciting ways."

D Cunliffe

I AM a successful author.

My writing abilities far exceed that of New York #1 Best Sellers.

I am a creative writer who’s words flow with ease and grace.

I AM an author with the ability to take my readers on a journey or inspiration, excitement and passion.

My tribe is waiting to read my words which will inspire and motivate them to take action in their lives.

My wisdom and knowledge is 

I have a unique voice or message that I have to change lives of others.