Join Debbie Belnavis-Brimble as she speaks with Winifred Adams of Making Life Brighter, about the launch of The Power of Your Inner Brilliance: Stories of self-Love, self-worth and inner confidence!

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It is our immense honor to welcome you to the virtual home of Carnelian Moon Publishing! Where you are seen as the Best Selling Author of your Visions and where we have the magnificent joy of helping you bring your vision from thought to Market and beyond!

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At the heart of every book is a Visionary

It is our privilege to stand alongside you on this journey as you envision the path your words will carry to the Mind, Heart, Spirit and Soul of your readership from between the covers of your very own creation – your very own Book! 

As Authors ourselves, we know what it takes to birth forth the most magnificent gift that you are about to deliver to the World as a whole and to your special readership community.

Our job, and we take that very special role on with great humility and such joy, is to ensure from the moment you make the decision to invite us to be your Publisher, that you receive our VIP/Concierge style of end-to-end service.  We take every step to deliver you our Concierge style of service designed to immerse you in the depths of Best Selling Author experience from the moment we meet.

It is our greatest and most humbling pleasure to welcome you to our family here at Carnelian Moon Publishing and to our Sister Imprint, Cinnamon Tree Press.

Debbie Belnavis-Brimble

Co-Founding Publisher & Inner Brilliance Alchemist

Judith Richardson Schroeder

Co-Founding Publisher & Master Cartologist

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Your Premiere Publishing Team Awaits You

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Cathy Gagliardi - Canada

Deborah Ann Davis

Deborah Ann Davis
United States

We are here to support you as you breathe life into your work


Mary Ananda Shakti - Ireland

Debbie Belnavis-Brimble
United Kingdom/United States

Winifred Adams

Winifred Adams
United States

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You are no longer alone on your journey


Release the Flow

We understand how challenging it can be to overcome the rush of competing thoughts and directions that the mind can take us when putting your vision into just the right words.

That’s why we’re sharing some of our BEST Meditation/Visualization and Relaxation mp3’s along with our bite-sized podcast episodes.  We would also like to make it simple for you to learn when new recordings are available by inviting you to SUBSCRIBE to Carnelian Moon’s PHASES Newsletter. Just the right amount of news in bite-sized information designed with your active lifestyle in mind. 

Our FLow series is recorded by a professional Hypnotherapist,  assuring you  access to your most centered, focused and creatively relaxed self.