We are so pleased to have you visiting our site.  Whether you are a first-time author with an idea for a book, or you are a seasoned author with several titles to your credit, or perhaps you are simply considering the possibilities that authorship might afford you, we welcome you here!

If we can assist you in any way to bring your first, next, or long dreamed of book to fruition, we invite you to connect with us.  We would love to support you!

Welcome Authors

If you’ve ever had a dream to become a published author, but you’ve never felt the time was right?  We’re here to tell you, it’s ALWAYS a great time to give wings to your words, and send your message out to the world for others to enjoy. 

At Carnelian Moon Publishing, Inc., we are all about releasing your voice into the Universe, sharing your stories with your ideal audience, and really stepping into your boldest, most desired direction in your life! No matter what that direction may be!  Whether you are a non-fiction, self-help,  biographical, children’s or metaphysically based author, Carnelian Moon Publishing is here to support your journey! 

And if you DON’T think you can do this?  We are here to tell you, yes you can! We are here to support you every step of the way!  That is our number one job! Our joy is helping authors just like you really step into your amazing purpose as an author and writer.  

Our support for our authors isn’t just a service we offer, it’s our essence, and our reason for being in business.  As authors ourselves, we know the struggles, the pitfalls, the euphoric feelings and even those sometime disappointing experiences when promises by others just haven’t delivered as advertised. We know how devastating THAT can be, and that’s why we go the extra mile to ensure that YOU never experience a “less than” journey with us.

For those of you who enjoy a hands-on approach, we offer you the opportunity to lead the way and take the reins toward your success, while confidently knowing a full team of professionals are supporting you and your book is at the heart of our focus. You have access to over 40,000 store fronts, both online and brick and mortar.  Well-known stores such as Barnes & Noble, Chapters Kobo, and some of our favorites — those beautiful independent stores with a special flavor and personal flair! As well, you can connect with Libraries, schools, wholesalers, and of course Amazon, and many more, and take your first book or your next to new heights globally! Your success is at the forefront of our minds every step of the way! 

We dedicate our business to ensuring your journey is one that is fulfilling, enjoyable, impactful, and (our favorite word?) blissful!   We do our best so that your best can shine on center stage!  Just as you’ve always known you would!

Author Solutions

done by you

Ideal for the DIY author who loves to be hands on and in the hub of activity.  This is the most cost-effective package we offer, allowing you the opportunity to self-guide your publishing experience while having every opportunity to use the services of our high-calibre experts should you wish.

We also provide a range of online training, coaching and mentorship programs/guidance to support authors who are looking to become self-published authors or take a slower pace with birthing their book.

You can select to work with our Resident Developmental Editor, Layout and Interior Design Specialist, our Professional Book Cover Designer, or all the above, and have your book managed by our in-house Project Management Team if you wish to ensure an easeful, blissful self-publishing experience from beginning to end.  And of course, you have access to our Distribution and Printing providers to ensure you the widest expanse to the market for your newest book! Experience the DIY opportunity knowing you have the expertise of a full team standing behind you should you need them.

done with you

Perfect for the author who loves to work on team-oriented and collaborative projects. You may wish to do some tasks, but you have the freedom to take on only the tasks that interest you and leave the rest to others.  Again, you have access to our In-House Team of experts from Editorial expertise to Layout/Interior Design, Professional Book Cover development and design. Our Project Management team are here for you as well should you wish to consult with them on Timelines, Organizational overviews or receive some gentle guidance along the way.  And, of course, you have access to our broad expanse of distribution channels to send your book worldwide!

This Package delivers the best of our Done By You and our Done For You package to provide you with the opportunity to experience a publishing experience from start to finish that delivers you with the confidence to know your book and its journey to market are exactly as you wish them to be, ensuring you a worry-free (and our favorite) Blissful experience.

done for you

For the most discerning author, or for the author who prefers to write their book and then be off on another adventure, knowing the tasks necessary to ensure your book’s delivery to market is being attended to in a timely and professional manner, taken care of by your personal Team of Experts.  

We have designed our Done For You package to ensure once you deliver your manuscript to us; we take care of every last detail necessary.  We’ve published single-author books, anthologies (collaborative books), children’s storybooks, and more.  We also surround ourselves with some of the best and brightest in the Publishing Industry!  As a VIP client, you have the option to work with an exceptional team of experts every step of your journey. Your experience as a first-time author under our VIP guidance pampers you, and it’s meant to. We want your journey as an author, first-time or seasoned, to deliver you the calibre of professionalism and opulence you deserve. We guarantee as a VIP author with Carnelian Moon Publishing, you will receive our exclusive VIPXperience ™ reserved for authors who value their time! 

our Full range of services

For Discerning Authors

As a high-calibre Hybrid Publishing Agency, our goal is to ensure your opportunity to shine as an author is always available to you.  We are pleased to collaborate with experts and professionals in the publishing, editorial, design and marketing industries whom we respect and have worked with ourselves on our own books.  We believe you deserve access to the highest calibre of expertise, too, whether you are using our full range of services, or you are choosing to do much of the work yourself.  Whether you are a Self-Growth author, How-to author, Children’s author or Metaphysical author, or you are dipping your toe into being a Collaborative/Anthology author, we are here to support you in your amazing journey forward. Our professional offerings for authors include:


Professional editorial services provided through vetted sources that we have used ourselves ensures your manuscript receives the attention to detail it deserves. Designed to deliver the editorial depth your book requires, our Editorial team specialize in helping your work shine. We can deliver Developmental Editing, Editorial assessment, Structural editing, Line editing, Proofreading, Fact-checking and more, to meet your editorial needs.

cover design

Our Cover Design experts excel in delivering polished, tasteful, and highly attractive results ensuring your book is unique, attractive, and perfectly YOU! They invite your vision to shine during the development process, and one-on-one consultation ensures you receive the end results you desire and envision.

interior layout

Professionally delivered layout and interior design services are the trademark of our in-house Interior Design expert. From beginning to end, your book receives attention to the details that allow us to present you with a book that is beautifully laid out and sprinkled with those special touches that let your readers know you have their reading pleasure in mind.

social media assets

Professionally designed and developed to enhance your book’s Social Media presence and support your journey as a successful, blissful author. No detail is too small for our authors, and Social Media assets are our opportunity to showcase you & your work with flair!

marketing expertise

Our team of Marketing experts are ready to assist you in spreading the word about your book and helping you open avenues to reach audiences you may not have easy access to. Or perhaps your passion is all about writing and leaving the promotional work to experts. We are here to help as it suits you best.

author web pages

For the author who has everything in place, except a web presence. Or, perhaps your web presence is in need of a fresh look. Our in-house team prepares and launches your personalized one-page presence, delivering you an online presence to launch your authoring career from. Have an online presence that requires an update or more impact? Our team is ready to assist you.

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