Your Blissful Book & Business Mastermind

There's more to being an author than writing a book!

You may have heard that writing a book will support your brand significantly, yet you haven’t been told how it will do that. We created the Book & Business Mastermind to support you in releasing your very own book to support your business growth.

So many write a book and think that it will make them rich, they will gain lots of recognition and they will immediately be credible in their field …. there is so much more to it. A book is part of the big puzzle that you piece together to create your brand as an author.

Don’t get us wrong, it is one of the most magical experiences to complete your book and then to become a published author, WOW. Not everyone has the dedication and commitment to stick to it and complete their book and then research the best options to get their book published. We’ve been there, we wanted it to be easy. We thought that we would write a book, and that it would miraculously just sell thousands, even millions of copies as we sit back and just watch what happens next. Clients would roll in and everything will be great!

Then the book was launched, and there were no additional clients, there was very little book sales and we wondered – where did we go wrong? Actually, writing a book in only one stage in the process. We know that as an author; you are a brand, whether you already were an entrepreneur or you are wondering how to get your brand defined, there are a number of strategies that you can take to enhance your book and business.

It's not just about your Book!

It’s about you being an expert in your field, it’s about you sharing your message and your brand with the world, it’s about you being able to touch the lives of even more people around the world.

Imagine having MORE:

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There's more to being an author!

We have designed this mastermind for the wholistic authoring journey, wherever you are in your authoring journey, we are ready to support you on your path for 4 months. All of our authors are at different places, some are just starting their book, some just have an idea, some have already written their book and wondering what next, some have even published their book already. We are ready to support you in your authoring success.

Over four months we cover:

Your Vision

Your Purpose


Your Book Vision

Your Practices

Your Mindset

Your Book Design

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Your Strategy

Young attractive smiling woman in shirt sitting on desk with papers dreamily working on laptop

Your Offers

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Your Opportunities

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Are you ready to Elevate?

you through the process of not just writing and launching your book into the world, we also support you in creating your author brand. You may already have written your very own book and wondering what do I do now, or you may just have an idea of a book and wondering what your next steps are, this mastermind is for you.


Imagine having various opportunities become available to you:

  • New client leads;
  • Speaking opportunities;

Becoming a published author has so many benefits as it leaves you as a published author


There are so many other possibilities available to you when you become an author.

  • Establishes you as a credible expert in your field;
  • Being invited to be a speaker at events, on podcasts, etc.;
  • Creating another passive income stream;
  • Increases your visibility;
  • Refine your signature system used in your business;
  • Grow your email list;
  • Drive more traffic to your website;
  • Judith’s book cover turned out looking like it was thrown together by an amateur;

  • Debbie’s feedback from the Publisher made her think her book wasn’t worth completing;
  • Judith never even saw a paperback copy of her own book once it was published and never received a penny in royalties despite having a contract stating she would;
  • Debbie’s Publisher inflated the costs of the book publishing process;
  • We could go on, but we will stop here!

When we say we know what it’s like, we really do! That’s why we came together and created Carnelian Moon Publishing, to support heart-centered authors just like us in birthing their books without dampening your dreams or breaking the bank and embracing BLISS throughout the process.

We have reignited the spark and excitement for authors who have experienced these kinds of publishing nightmares!  We’ve restored their faith when they thought they might never see their book come to light.  We’ve helped to restore their belief in their vision and in the reason they began their authoring journey to begin with. 

Here are just a few examples of the results our clients have experienced

What is Your Book and Business Mastermind?

The Legacy Collection is a series of collaborative books bringing authors together to share their own personal, intimate messages, written to encourage positive change by sharing hope, possibility, love, awareness, and more for current and future generations.

The Legacy Collection was born from a conversation between the Publishers at Carnelian Moon Publishing when they reflected on our world’s current state and how books can provide much-needed support in the healing journey of many by nurturing, informing, and transforming humanity. They reflected on how much healing the art of writing also provides, sharing one’s message and knowing that one’s words can offer transformational healing for not just this generation of readers, but also for those that come after us. Both the author and the reader share in this beautiful healing process.

Dried flowers with a book and a warm scarf on wooden background

We are all filled with great wisdom meant to be shared, and you have learned some invaluable lessons along the way that you could also share with others through the Legacy Collection. We have created a sacred space to communicate powerful messages, just like yours, to leave a legacy behind which others may read at various times during their lives. Imagine reading a message from mothers to daughters, from your older self, or even from your inner child?

Receiving these messages are like receiving gifts from the soul!


Who is this for?

Are you an author who has a burning message that you would like to share with the world?

If you have a message burning in your heart that screams at you daily to release it, this opportunity is for you. Perhaps you have a desire to write your very own book, yet you may be seeking a more comfortable introduction to begin to release your work into the world. If so, contributing your writing to one of our Legacy Collection titles is a perfect, easeful way to step into the world of writing and begin to prepare your path toward your very own book one day! If you are a seasoned author, your powerful prose and brilliant visions painted with your words will inspire, soothe, transform and encourage generations to come, and your message has never been more needed than right now!

God, Source, Spirit, has directed you to this place as the time is right for you now! If this feels aligned to your message, your brand, and your vision, then we invite you to find out more about our future titles below, and apply to begin your journey. We encourage you to go with your heart and set your intention to join us as one of our next Legacy Collection Authors.

“Being part of an anthology is a great introduction to writing. I have friends all around the world because of my contributions in anthologies. People who are looking for something specific, it gives them a little taste of what they are looking for rather than reading an entire book with only one person's ideas. I highly recommend it.”
Janet Wiszwoty
Author, Coach, Canada

Our First Release

We released the very first book in the Legacy Collection, Messages to My Younger Self: Messages to Nourish and Heal the Soul in December 2020.

Our first book Messages to My Younger Self quickly became an Amazon Best-Selling book!

“Originally, I wanted to write my own book, but I am not that structured so I didn’t do it. My intent was to write my story and get it published and I managed to do that through this company. I don’t think I would have published my book all alone without the support of Carnelian Moon Publishing. Now, after writing the book, I feel like it is only just the beginning. I look forward to taking it forward together. Carnelian Moon is open-minded to take things further than the book, as we are co-building together.”
Angelique Miralles
Author, Coach, France

Our Upcoming Titles

We have several titles that we will be releasing over the coming months and years, and we are seeking authors who are ready to increase their visibility and uniquely share their messageOur Anthologies are more than just a book. Your opportunity as one of our Anthology authors will help you get your life’s work out into the world in several ways while also leaving a legacy through your words.  Apply to be part of one or more of the titles below, today!

Why Join the Mastermind?

Wherever you are in your writing journey, what we have realized is that we cannot do it alone! It takes a village to raise a child, and it also takes a village to make your book and your business successful. This mastermind will support all members in creating and executing your successful blueprint.

Supportive Community
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Become a part of our community of supportive authors, learning, sharing, and growing together.

Increased Visibility
Microphone on the stage over the Abstract blurred photo of green grass

We promote you as an author under an established and growing publishing brand. You receive an invitation to appear as a guest on the Phases Podcast, which broadcasts through numerous social media platforms (iTunes, iHeart Radio, Spotify, to name a few.)

Early ROI Opportunity
Bookstore shop exterior with books and textbooks in showcase.

Receive ten copies of the book your message is in, to sell at full retail price, an approximate value of $120. Selling an additional 54 books will result in achieving the top ROI opportunity available when you take advantage of our  early bird savings.

Grow Client Base
Paying for service

We share you and your brand wherever we promote you, including our website, social media platforms, podcast, training platform, and more.

Sell Your Training
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Sell your online course or program through our training platform as part of the Messages/Legacy learning experiences and earn residual or passive income from your work.

Earn from Selling Books
Boy with stack of books

Purchase books at wholesale rates and sell from your website or at events at the full retail price, making a profit from every book you sell.

Featured Author

Be one of the Featured Authors of the week, where we share you, your work, and your message, as one of our weekly featured authors on multiple platforms.

Develop New Skills
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Receive specially created training to enhance your chapter, including writing, mindset, accountability, and more.

Become an Affiliate
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Become an affiliate and be paid for referring new authors to us and our  online experiences.

“As someone that is coordinating people to include in a book like this and gathering the right people, I trusted that in you, and I knew that you would do that well. I have not been disappointed. I had no idea about this when I signed up what the outcome would be; you are amazing at this; you could do this. You are amazing as someone who has coordinated this, someone that puts this vision together, plus all the professionalism and the details to share everything that is needed in perfect alignment, and I could feel that before I signed up. It's been a beautiful journey and a wonderful experience, and I cannot say enough about your professionalism, your kind heart, and your encouragement to your authors.”
Winifred Adams
Master Medical Intuitive, Radio Show Host, Author, USA


We have several bonuses specially packaged to thank you for your fast action-taking and for saying YES to one or more of our opportunities.

  • There will be a 3-hour group workshop to support you in brainstorming your book idea. Value – $297.
  • 5 authors will receive an author pack including author marketing sheets, bookmarks, etc. Value – $197.
  • 10 authors receive 5 extra books. Value – $120.

    Why Co-author with Us?

    We are not your standard publishers! We are authors first and foremost and use our experience and expertise to support and guide you in having a successful yet blissful authoring journey. We have a reputation for delivering exceptional value, service, (and beautiful energy so we are told), and always from a place of integrity.

    We pride ourselves on delivering our authors with an experience that elevates and transforms them to new heights professionally and personally! Our authors are why we are in business, and we are honored to serve every author who invites us to accompany them on their authoring journey. From our unique services and skillsets, exceptional attention to detail, customer service excellence and, even a little dash of woo-ness, we firmly believe your time with us will be time you will enjoy expanding from.

    We deliver to every author our signature style of VIP-service and experience. We do our best to ensure that you receive every opportunity to shine as you expect and deserve to with Carnelian Moon. We are always honored to welcome new, casual, and established authors to enjoy your next successfully published authoring experience.

    Deciding to be a part of an Anthology is not always an easy decision to make. We understand, and we know the importance of taking time to “feel” into this new or continuing direction in your writing journey.

    As authors, we know the level of dedication necessary to plant your derriere in a comfy seat and put all those ideas you have for one or more books into motion by actually beginning the work! And, a 20,000 or 50,000-word book is a lot of work! We hear you!  We’ve been there!

    However, Anthologies are one of those great equalizers. It’s why we love bringing authors together to produce them. Some of our past anthologies we have had the pleasure of managing and publishing include:

    We have served many authors in their authoring success through our Anthologies. We also serve authors to embark upon their own Anthology title by providing them with guidance, and services they may require. We invite you to listen to what some of our authors have said about their experience with us and one of our Anthologies, Power of Your Inner Brilliance,  in the video below.

    Your Questions Answered

    We acknowledge and appreciate that this offer will not be for everyone. We have a selection process to ensure that we can include all the authors who feel aligned with our vision and are ready to commit to enjoying their experience with us and with our extensive visibility that the Legacy Collection opportunity will provide them.

    Once we close our call for authors, based on the Deadline for Application shared above, we will review all applications. We will then contact all successful applicants within four weeks from the closing date to invite you to become one of our authors. If you don’t hear from us within four weeks of the closing date, then your application has not been successful for this round of call for authors. We do invite you to re-apply for future Anthology calls for authors, as often when one opportunity doesn’t fit another that follows does.

    Yes, you are welcome to be a part of multiple titles.

    The amount of time you have to write your chapter varies between one month and four months, depending when the book will be released.

    Yes, there is an investment to be a part of this opportunity. As our information above outlines, we have packaged several benefits together to support you as an author and thank you for believing in yourself and our opportunity. Unlike some Anthologies, we provide a generous array of visibility opportunities from being featured/promoted on our website to being interviewed on our Phases Podcast, which alone reaches audiences across numerous platforms. We believe our books are an excellent stepping stone for new authors and authors seeking to gain more exposure for their own books and brands beyond their current audiences. We also don’t like to brag, but we hear that our Book launches alone are pretty “lit.”

    Yes, we offer payment plans for those who wish to split the payment over a few months. We are happy to arrange this option on a case-by-case basis by special request.

    Your investment helps us pay for our professional team members’ essential services, including editing, layout, book cover design, project management, and distribution preparations for the publishing platforms we utilize. We also offset costs involving our benefit offerings, such as access to our training platform, marketing efforts, and the set-up, coordination, and delivery of our book launches for the authors in every title. Our investments are low enough that it allows you to quickly say YES to the opportunities we offer while knowing that you are supporting your decision to grow your business and your dreams of author-hood.

    At this early stage, we don’t have a definite release date for any of the books this early in the call for author stage. However, as soon as we draw closer to the release date and have signed up enough authors, we will share the confirmed book release date with you. We can confirm that two books, Messages to My Mother and Messages to My Father, will be released before July 1, 2021.
    The additional two books, Messages to My Inner Child and Messages to My Future Self, will be released during the winter of 2021.

    Your business will be shared on the Phases Podcast when we interview you as part of our Meet the Author segment, on various social media platforms, through our book launch event, in the book in your bio, and other strategically positioned places.

    “If you have a desire to write your story, I would say, don’t hesitate to work with Debbie and Judy. As is my first publishing experience, I had no idea what to expect. They take you through the process in such a gentle and easy to manage way that I still don’t know the process of editing, publishing, or anything as Debbie and Judy takes you through all of that. The only hard part is writing your story, which you have to do anyway. It was wonderful to interact with the other authors, get to know them and be a part of something more than ourselves. I couldn’t recommend Carnelian Moon enough. It’s been one of the most positive things I’ve done ever. Go for it!”
    Laura Atyeo
    Musician, Entrepreneur, Author, United Kingdom

    Share Your Message With The Generations Of Tomorrow!

    Are you interested in sharing your message to create an extraordinary impact in others’ lives in a positive way by spreading seeds of hope and possibility? Then we invite you to share your message with us!

    If you feel called to be a contributing author with us, we invite you to lean into your intuition and sense whether this feels aligned with your vision, mission, and purpose.

    Now, you have the opportunity to change the trajectory of someone else’s life through the wisdom you choose to impart through your powerful legacy message. There has never been a more critical time to speak to the generation(s) coming up behind us. And there has never been a more perfectly aligned time for you to share the message(s) you have always wished someone had shared with you.

    It is YOUR time, and your message is waiting to be read by others. We can’t wait to welcome you to the other side of this opportunity!  Simply apply below to get started!

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