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Plan Your Book Vision Experience

The Plan Your Book Vision Experience has been designed to guide you through the process of planning your vision by gaining clarity about your book.

We walk you through the steps of:

  •   Deciding on the type of book you are writing
  •   Expanding on your ideas
  •   Topics for your book

You will be guided through processes which have been used personally by us.
Learn tips to narrow down your ideas for your book
Begin to investigate the direction you really want to take

Here’s to the beginning of your AMAZING Vision! 

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Write Your Book in 30 Days

Who is this for?
This is for any author who is ready to take action and commit to completing their book once and for all. So if you have been putting your book on the back burner for months or even years. We know authors who have been writing their book for 15+ years. Let’s support you in moving forward and placing the focus on completing your book.

How will this work?
Over the course of 30 days you will be guided through a process that initially takes you thorugh identifying the number of words you will write daily. Once you have identified your number of words, we support you thorugh:
– Training Videos to support your authoring success
– Daily prompts by video or posts.
– Inspirational videos and posts.
– Strategies and Tips from authors, successful and just starting out.
– Resources to support you achieving your writing goals and completing your book.

What’s included?
Weekly training videos by Best-Selling Authors

30 days of support, inspiration, accountability and prompts from Best-Selling Authors
marketing your self-published book

Marketing Your Self-Published Book

One of the more stressful aspect of writing is the need to market your book!  Not everyone is comfortable with this aspect.  It can seem overwhelming to those who are not as immersed in the Social Media realm.

That’s one of the main reasons this course exists.  To assist you in stepping into this world and doing so with more ease, less stress, and with much more confidence and enjoyment!

Marketing your book, and subsequently yourself, doesn’t have to be stressful, or convoluted or overwhelming!  

We step you through some of the most effective ways to ensure that your book and you as the author, are enjoying sharing your work and yourself with your Social Media audiences and with those retailers, individuals, and even Agencies and other businesses/entreprenuers. 

From Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest to approaching retail bookstores and online retailers, we’ll step you through the marketing labrynth and carefully guide you along with ease and plenty of support!

The Hybrid Publishing Agency that gives wings to your words and delivers bliss to your publishing experience.


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