Positive Affirmations

Positive Affirmations for Authors Often, as authors, actually, this goes for every single human being on the planet! Everyday, we have our own inner thoughts, whether we are being our own inner critic and having self doubt or we are speaking life into ourselves and speaking love and positivity. Which do you do daily? I […]

A Word Can Move You

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A simple word can move you. It doesn’t matter when you choose your focus word, it only matters that you do. Choosing your own focus word can empower and motivate you and even take you places and bring opportunities you didn’t expect.

Learning From Successful Authors‚Äč

Learning From Successful Authors What better place to start than from those who have paved the path successfully as authors. We have identified a few quotes from authors that share five (5) healthy habits of successful authors that you can incorporate in your authoring journey today. Just Write Sometimes, the best place to start is to just […]

Mindset of a Successful Author

Mindset of a Successful Author So, you think you are ready to become a successful author? At some point in every author’s journey, they doubt their own abilities. I am sure that you can relate to that, even experienced authors who have hit the New Your Times Best Seller lists doubt their abilities. Some of […]