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Carnelian Moon Publishing prides itself on attracting the best Authors and we have also had the good fortune to attract some of the best Professionals in the Industry to help you bring your vision to life!

Every one from exceptional Project Management professionals to Brand & Cover Design Graphics experts and all the way to our dedicated Editorial and proofreading professionals.  We have left nothing to chance.  Our experts work daily in the field of Management, Design and Editorial content and we are honored to have them a part of our team and yours!


"As Authors ourselves, we wanted the best for the Authors we are serving, and we believe we've managed to bring together some of the most amazing professionals to deliver exceptional results for our incredible Authors!"

We haven't simply looked for the best professionals, we've used the best for our own projects!

That’s how we KNOW with certainty the team we have will help you along your journey. Up to the task, our team of experts will deliver you the kind of VIPXperience Carnelian Moon Publishing demands.  

Your book is one of the most important investments that you will make with us in regards to your time, your energy, and your monetary investment. It’s important to us that we always consistently deliver you our best along your journey to becoming a prosperous Author. It is also important to us that we live up to our promise to provide you the kind of experience a Best-Selling Author would expect to receive. Every Author who chooses Carnelian Moon Publishing receives our VIP Concierge Publishing service designed to extend well beyond your expectations!

Our goal: help 1,000 amazing heart-centered women and men soar to become Best Selling Authors over the next five years! We would love to include you among them!

Some of our KEY resources to assist you in making the very important decisions that support you in your journey as an Author will appear here.

We’ve included information we believe will help you determine the best options for you regardless where you are in your journey.

From services we provide to Professionals we work with, we’ll share with you KEY resources we know will assist you.

Our CMP Brochure provides you with a full scope of Services we offer.  Please feel free to download, print and view.  We hope you find it beneficial.

An overview of

What We offer


Project Management

Our expertise depends on our ability to be flexible, organized and resourceful.

Our Author’s well-being is our number one concern.  If you are overwhelmed you’ll struggle to be creative.  If you are worried about details related to design, marketing, promotion and publishing,  you cannot concentrate on the key reason you sought us out to begin with  —  and that is to concentrate on writing YOUR book!

We are experts at implementing and managing timelines, project deadlines and developmental requirements so that YOU don’t have to.


Design: Cover/Brand/Social

Your team includes the expertise of one of the most intuitive minded Graphics Designers we know!   We’ve utilized Trevor’s expertise on a number of occasions for our own successful projects including everything from business Logo and brand design to Book covers for traditional and Trackabooks as well as professionally designed Assets for Mobile App development and design!

Trevor has the expertise to not only develop your concept and articulate your vision through graphics, color and type, but he is exceptionally adept at tapping into the essence of our Authors and bringing to light the true vision they’ve waited to see before them!



Developmental & Editorial Support

We don’t want to brag, but we think we have some of the BEST in the industry!   Dr. Singleton is known for her attention to detail and she has spent time on both Academia and Governmental Research, Thesis and Dissertation work.  She literally spends her time pouring over research papers, Social Media sites and documents, honing her editorial and proofreading prowess!

Our Editorial team also consists of Developmental Editors and Proofreaders which are some of the best in Canada! 

Dr. Malaika Singleton - Editorial Specialist
Trevor Thomas - Graphics Design Specialist

We are always interested in collaborating with Professional Service Providers in the Publishing Field