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Welcome to Our Storytime

We are so excited to share our weekly storytime with us. During the pandemic we realized just how important and precious every moment with our loved ones are. We decided to introduce Magical Moments Storytime with Carnelian Moon Publishing because we could see just how much stories during these times were supporting the children in our own lives.

One of our founders, Debbie, could see what her son’s school was doing, and that they started to do a nightly storytime because they were missing the children in the early stages of the pandemic. Then as more children returned to school things changed. Then both Debbie and Judith realized that technology was being used in the most remarkable way and that through our connections with the most gifted authors, we wanted to do something to support the children during these challenging times. We launched our storytime feature on April 13, 2021.

Mother sitting on sofa in the living room with her children, reading them a book

Precious Moments with Your Little Ones!

We've been there too!

We know what that feels like, to have the wind taken out of your sail when you have a book within you that you have spent time finally getting it right, only for someone else to spoil things for you!

We both had our non-positive experiences when:

  • Judith’s book cover turned out looking like it was thrown together by an amateur;
  • Debbie’s feedback from the Publisher made her think her book wasn’t worth completing;
  • Judith never even saw a paperback copy of her own book once it was published and never received a penny in royalties despite having a contract stating she would;
  • Debbie’s Publisher inflated the costs of the book publishing process;
  • We could go on, but we will stop here!

When we say we know what it’s like, we really do! That’s why we came together and created Carnelian Moon Publishing, to support heart-centered authors just like us in birthing their books without dampening your dreams or breaking the bank and embracing BLISS throughout the process.

We have reignited the spark and excitement for authors who have experienced these kinds of publishing nightmares!  We’ve restored their faith when they thought they might never see their book come to light.  We’ve helped to restore their belief in their vision and in the reason they began their authoring journey to begin with. 

Here are just a few examples of the results our clients have experienced.

Ready to reignite the passion into your book?

This Session is for you, if:

  • You have a book that has already been published and you are not happy with sales or even the look and feel;
  • Your book was self-published and you are looking to have your book added to a wider distribution and increase sales opportunities;
  • Your book no longer fits your vision;
  • You have a completed manuscript and you are looking for some additional support to navigate your next steps;
  • A publishing experience didn’t deliver as promised;
  • Your book didn’t live up to the publisher’s promise or investment cost.
  • Things have just not gone to plan and you are looking for a different route to complete your book. 


No judgement here! We’ve been there and have the tools to support your success.

We are ready to accompany you on your authoring journey to deliver the vision you truly desired, creating the spark and excitement you had for your book.

No one deserves to watch their spark of genius, passion and vision die out before it has had a chance to really be a change agent to the world! 

Explore your options with Carnelian Moon Publishing.  We have a reputation for bringing the spark back, reigniting the passion, and delivering authors the level of confidence we believe they deserve to enjoy as they birth their book! 

We invite you to Reignite Your Book’s Passion, with our special consultancy package to support you in designing a plan for turning your  an

"Words alone could never---ever---express my appreciation and gratitude for everyone at Carnelian Moon. EVERYONE at Carnelian is kind, generous, supportive and down-to-earth, who deliver stellar publishing service that is out of this world! Like a genuine carnelian, these brilliant, professional, artistic masterminds shine with warmth, inspiring aspiring authors to lead, exceed, and take a bold leap of faith in bringing their wrought-iron ideals into forged literary masterpieces! Debbie Belnavis Brimble has kindly and brilliantly paved the path to bring my book, Demystifying College Admission, to completion. She outlined the steps for me to complete my manuscript, showed me how to package my book, then guided me step-by-step to the finish line. Simon Brimble weaved his design, editing and magical master mind to each chapter with finesse. He aligned the text to add the visual appeal that cannot be conveyed with just words. Judith Richardson Schroeder is an outstanding editor who has expertly, tirelessly and painstakingly revised my manuscript, from cover to cover, chapter by chapter like no other. Despite family obligations and the Covid-19 debacles, she dedicated time to polish my manuscript until it shined with lucid prose. Jennifer Insignares over delivered by designing a beautiful book cover that far exceeded my expectations. I am over the moon with everyone at Carnelian Moon! Thank you from the top and bottom of my heart!"

Brian Keith South
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