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Every time an author prepares to launch a new book, or they are ready to take their book to new markets, we celebrate alongside them!  We love what we do, but more importantly, we love who we do it for!  


Cathy Gagliardi

Cathy is a beloved children’s author who found her way to us after her previous publisher redesigned their website and suddenly Cathy’s books all disappeared save one!

Cathy has been an author for the last several years and has over 7 children’s books to her credit.

She came to Carnelian Moon Publishing seeking a way to get her book titles back on the Internet and discovered her world opening almost immediately!

Since working with us, Cathy has brought her beloved book Bellyflies to market again worldwide!  She’s been thrilled to discover that with the right Publisher and the right distribution opportunities, she is able to enjoy the opportunity to sell her book easily and effortlessly!  With no marketing or official launch, as she is bringing all her books to market for a BIG launch soon, she has already sold 20 books without any effort at all!  Passive income has been one of the unexpected benefits she has discovered is available to her while working with Carnelian Moon.

To Order Cathy’s Book Bellyflies, we invite you to visit Amazon.com, Amazon.ca, Barnes & Noble or visit Bookshop.org to locate a bookstore in your city or town, or online near you!  Cathy’s books are available worldwide!


Brian South

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